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Advanced Forms
For Airtable

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Edit existing records

Default values for fields

Custom layout with HTML&CSS

Row based authentication

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Live Demos

Demo 1: Edit An Existing Record

A form to edit an existing record
See result in AirTable: AirTable Base

Demo 2: Add New Record

Check out our contact form, built with FormNano itself


1. Link

your Airtable bases.

2. Config

fields metadata

3. Send out


4. Don't wanna do anything?

use our hand-free package,
let us create those forms for you.


FormNano branding
Limited layout customization
Max 10 forms
No branding
Layout using HTML/CSS
Advanced authentication scheme
Zapier integration
Max 100 forms

Hand-free package

Just tell us how you want your forms to look, we'll do the rest!
One time fee: $30